Lunch & Takeaway

    • Lunch

    • Persian Chicken Salad


      Fresh salad topped with marinated chicken breast pieces. Served with sangak bread.

    • Ghormeh Sabzi

      Ghormeh Sabzi


      Exotic mix of sauteed herbs (cilantro, spinach and parsley) slow cooked with lean diced lamb, dried limes, red kidney beans and our special seasonings.

    • Kabab-Koobideh with Sangak Naan Bread

      Kabab-Koobideh with Sangak Naan Bread


      Grilled lamb mince, seasoned with spices and onion. Served with grilled tomato and sumac.

      (Two skewers, wholemeal traditional Persian bread)

    • Chelo Kabab-Koobideh

      Chelo Kabab-Koobideh


      A Persian classic. Marinated grilled lamb mince. Served with saffron rice and grilled tomato with a side salad.

      (Two skewers).

    • Joojeh-Kabab (One Skewer)

      Joojeh-Kabab (One Skewer)


      Boneless marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection. Served with saffron rice, grilled tomato and a side salad.

    • Dizi Stew

      Dizi Stew


      Traditional Persian stew, slow cooked in a stone crock pot with lamb pieces, chickpeas, white beans, potato, onion, tomato, tumeric, dried lime and garlic. Served with sangak naan bread.

    • Vaziri



      One skewer of kabab-koobideh and one skewer of jooje-kabab. Served with saffron rice, grilled tomato and a side salad.

    • Extras

      One Skewer Kabab Koobideh $10

      Basket of Sangak Bread $5

      Pickled Garlic $4

      Mixed Pickles $4

      Bowl of Rice $5

      Mast-O-Khiar $5
      A fresh mix of yoghurt and cucumber with a touch of ground mint and garlic.